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Thousands of AmeriPlanВ® Independent Business Owners (IBOs)
have built highly successful businesses of their own, by
sharing and caring. How do they do it? It’s simple.

“We got $1600 in our first 21 days.”

“I made over $10,000 in my first 90 days.”

“…from zero to over $100,000 per year in residual
income in just 15 months.”

“In my 3 years of doing the business, my lifetime
residual income is in excess of a quarter of a million

“Seven years ago I was a broke used car salesman,
today my wife and I are earning over a million bucks a
year. Thank you AmeriPlanВ®.”

AmeriPlanВ® IBOs share the availability of affordable
quality health benefits with the millions of Americans
who are uninsured or under-insured, because they care.

AmeriPlanВ® benefits are not insurance.

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