Machine rental

*Bunn Ultra 2 Bowl Gourmet Ice Machine or Crathco 3311 Commercial Drink Machine
*Skirted Beverage Cart (Several Colors to Choose From)
*1 Premium Mix
*1 Commercial Grade 3 Tier Salt/Sugar Tray
*50 Cups and Straws (Upon Request)
*Free Delivery and Set-Up (In Our Service Area)
*Free Pick Up

Price: 70.00 Cash Discount

2 Machine Rental
* 2 Bunn Ultra 2 Bowl Gourmet Ice Machines or Crathco 3311
* 2 Skirted Beverage Carts (Several Colors to Choose From)
* 2 Premium mixes
* 2 Commercial Grade 3 Tier Salt/Sugar Tray
* 100 Cups and Straws (Upon Request)
* Free Delivery and Set-Up (In our Service Area)
* Free Pick-Up

Price   $300.00 Cash Discount

*Bottle of Premium Mix  $25.00 (That makes between 3-5 GALLONS of drinks)
*Out of service area delivery fee  $30.00

 *Ask about our FREE service of providing frozen drinks to your guests in less than 10 minutes.  We are the only company that can do that!

Recommended rentals and mixes for your next festivity.

Up to 50 Guests             1 Machine                 1-3 Mixes
50-100   Guests              1 Machine                 2-5 Mixes
100-150  Guests              2 Machines              4-6 Mixes
150-200  Guests              2 Machines              6-10 Mixes
Over 200                           Call us!  We have many options.

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