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Hatch Fest

HatcH launched their inaugural HatcHfest event in 2004 under very tight deadline pressure — and though the event was successful, HatcH principals realized they needed a strategic plan, thoughtful schedules and an upgraded approach to all their communications vehicles if they were to grow the festival and attract higher-profile sponsors and participants in the ensuing years.

Thibeault Studios partnered with HatcH shortly after the 2004 film festival to create a comprehensive, coordinated plan that would reach a sophisticated audience on a number of levels. Thibeault Studios designed and implemented print sponsorship materials, designed and placed advertising locally and nationally, and helped plan major HatcH promotional events including the design of associated materials.

By the following year, HatcH’s sophisticated outreach and advertising efforts successfully put HatcHfest on the map of major players in the entertainment industry. HatcH’s list of impressive sponsors includes Gibson Acoustic, Moonlight Basin, Getty Images, Runco Home Theater Products, Locati Architects, Thirsty Ear Hi-Fi, and CTA Architects. Its unique mission has allowed it to mature quickly into a year round program that connects new filmmakers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, writers, and fine artists from around the world with the movers and shakers in the entertainment industry.

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