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Get ready to put your business on centre stage

Showcasing your business at an industry exhibition, business to business expo, or business awards can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool that delivers new customers, reinforces your position in the marketplace, motivates you and your staff, builds awareness of your brand, creates and cements a real one-on-one connection between you and the people you do business with, drives future business …Or it can all be a bit of “Ho Hum” – a day or so of being a human brochure rack.

As Expo Managers and Promoters we can tell before the doors open which exhibitors will have an outstanding show, and those who will walk away wondering ‘what went wrong?’.  It all comes down to preparation. 

You wouldn’t push your six year old out on centre stage at his or her first school pantomime without rehearsal, costume, rehearsal, make-up, rehearsal, a big box of tissues, (and maybe the promise of an ice-cream on the way home), rehearsal, and leave them standing out on centre stage, wide eyed and blinded by the lights with no script … So why do it to your business or your staff?

Think of the last big meeting you had.  A really big one.  A really important meeting when you were cementing a new client.  A vital presentation to an existing customer demonstrating the great things that you can do for them.  The vital pitch for that huge contract. 

You prepared.  You planned.  You thought about the audience.  You decided on the key things that you had to communicate.  You pulled together all available tools.  You spent hours proof reading every little piece of material.  You even put time into deciding what to wear and where to park.

Showcasing your business at a business to business expo is no different.  In fact it is more so.  It is a chance to get your business in front of hundreds of important clients – current and potential.  It is lots and lots of really important meetings and all in a day or two.

Exhibiting is all about putting your business on centre stage in front of what you want to be a highly receptive audience.  You need to prepare and rehearse for weeks before the event so that you make the absolute most of your time and investment and – perhaps even more importantly – so that your audience can see that you have gone to the effort to attract them to your business.

Preparing for an Expo does not have to be a long cumbersome process.  All you need to do is ask yourself a series of questions and then act upon the answers:

What are your objectives?
Who are you targeting? 
What do you want to say to them?
How are you going to say it?
How are you going to follow up after the show?

If you answer these questions BEFORE the show it will not only make pre-event preparation that much easier and cost efficient, it will ensure that you will have something outstanding to show for your time and your investment after the event.  And it will demonstrate to your existing and potential customers that you don’t just care about your own business….You care about theirs too!

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