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Try your hand
at sailing an Ocean Racing Yacht. From a day out to a 3 week race across
the Atlantic, this gives an unrivalled opportunity to those interested
in the great blue, to experience something out of reach to many of us.
With a professional crew to assist you, this is a great experience for
sailors of all levels of ability.


Most people have heard of
this activity and many have tried it, but the exhilaration of tracking
down the opposition and being able to see the targets you have hit, brings
an endless amount of satisfaction. Skills of cunning and accurate shooting
are key and no matter how many times you may have done it before, each
new day is great fun. Of course the more times you do it the better you
get, or supposed to get!!

Human Table Football.

Remember spinning
the bars, wildly kicking the ball around and bouncing off everybody, before
trickling into the goal with the goalkeeper helpless? Now imagine that FULL
SIZE and the only option is a great laugh for everyone, including those watching,
with a competative edge built in.
This game is fast and furious.
The action hilarious and with some constructive refereeing this is an activity
to remember.

This picture gives you an
idea of what it looks like, but the only thing we can suggest, is to try
it, and love it!

Create a Video
/ Advert.

Either as its own
exercise or as part of a Team Building day, this activity
is always fun and very useful.

Participants must be able
to organise the team into sections, allocating jobs to each individual
so that the process is made simple and efficient. Members need to recognise
potential actors and those who avoid the limelight.

At the end of the
activity they will have a finished product, hopefully for all other participants
to view at the end of their day.


Everyone knows how
hard it is to arrange a party and most are only for 1-200 people.

Party We have experience
in arranging parties for numbers over 1000, right the way down to 20-30.
All parties are different, some are themed,
and some are simple or classic.
Whatever the occasion and
whatever the requirements, we can help by arranging all the equipment,
staff, catering, band, disco and help you with advise and support to make
the party go with a swing.

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