Vaginal Bleaching Cream Review – Is Intimate Area Bleaching Safe and Why Do Women Use Vaginal Bleach

Vaginal bleaching is a very popular and controversial cosmetic topic at the moment. What was once an “underground” procedure reserved for adult entertainers has now become a topic being discussed in salons in the most conservative states in the country. The topic of intimate bleaching was introduced to the mainstream public via an episode of “Dr. 90210” which is a very popular plastic surgery based reality show.

One of the doctor’s patients, who coincidentally is an adult entertainer, asked for the procedure. This question has led to women across the country questioning the color of their vaginal skin. While this may seem extreme to most people, compared to other cosmetic trends, it is really quite normal. For example, if you take a moment and study the last 100 years or so of cosmetics and beautification procedures, you will see that women have gradually addressed every area of their body. In the last 100 years procedures like permanent make-up, at-home hair dying, Brazilian waxing, breast augmentation, face lifts, and skin injections have become common place. In fact, there are even skin injection parties.

Vaginal lightening is simply an extension of a woman’s desire for physical perfection. If a woman feels that she would like a lighter skin tone on her vaginal area, it is her choice. However, it is important to examine if vaginal lightening products such as a vaginal bleaching cream is safe or not.

As you may have heard, a fair amount of skin bleaching products still use the harmful chemical Hydroquinone which has been linked to cancer. This ingredient has been banned in countries like the U.K. France, Japan, and Australia. Unfortunately, it is still legal to sell skin bleaching including vaginal lightening products in America. Before you choose to purchase any vaginal bleaching product, it is important that you examine the list of ingredients closely to ensure that the vaginal bleaching cream does not contain Hydroquinone. It is much safer to use a vaginal lightening cream that uses Alpha Arbutin which is the natural alternative to Hydroquinone. This ingredient is much safer for sensitive skin such as on vaginal skin.

Therefore, the best and safest vaginal bleaching creams do not contain Hydroquinone. While there are many reasons why women choose to lighten their vaginal skin, it is very important that you make safety a top priority a concern when choosing to purchase a vaginal bleaching cream or gel. Although, it should be said that the term vaginal bleaching is one of the main reasons women are scared of this procedure. In fairness, it really should be called vaginal lightening.

Whatever you prefer to call this cosmetic procedure, it will surely become more socially acceptable over time much like other controversial procedures. If you have made it this far in this article you have hopefully acquired enough information to make an educated decision regarding which type of vaginal bleaching product you should purchase. Remember, the vaginal skin is very delicate and sensitive which is why only the best and safest vaginal lightening products should be used.

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