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It is a saying that eyes are the windows to the soul. This organ is a big blessing of God Almighty as it gives meaning to other organs. Imagine if humans or for that matter animal did not have eyes. All the pleasures have no meaning. Life can be enjoyed because we can see the world. Though with ageing, illness and effects of medicines, human eyesight gets damaged. Cataract is one such phenomenon. Now a days patients suffering from cataract can opt for a bladeless cataract eye surgery. This is a revolution in the world of eye treatments. This technique makes use of high quality laser machines to perform the operation. The time required by the patient to recover from the surgery is also very less. It is a simple surgery but a very precise one. This surgery was done by Dr Stephen Slade for the first time in USA.

Bladeless eye treatments are a common practice now. Laser machines, especially designed to do this job with great precision are used. Doctors have acquired the expertise required to do these surgeries. These surgeries not only treat cataract patients but many other eye related problems are treated with the help of laser machines, without even a touch of hand. Other features of this king of treatment are:

Precision Promptness Safety Less follow up

These are the highlights of these kinds of unique surgeries.

Bladeless laser eye surgery can be used to remove spectacles in most cases where young people get weak eyesight. These surgeries were a dream just few years back. They were only discovered in 2010. Mostly femtosecond laser is used to give this treatment. In these surgeries no primary incision is given, as in the case of traditional eye surgeries performed earlier.

With the increase in the laid back life style, junk food habits, late nights, ever changing meal times, a lot of people are getting diabetes at an early age. Eyes being the most sensitive organ are affected very soon in the case of diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy is a latest bladeless laser eye surgery recommended for diabetic patients with vision problems. Research says that more than 285 million people suffer from vision problem in the world. Out of them 39 million are totally blind while 246 million suffer from serious eye problems. Poverty is also one of the main reasons of vision impairment in some countries, example as in Africa. Lack of proper diet in children lead to impaired visions at an early age. Sanitation is also a major culprit in these third world countries. Infections due to insect bites, lack of proper medical facilities further aggravate the problems.

Modern day science has given us so many things which help make human life better one of them is cataract eye surgery of all kinds. Hope that everyone with an eye problem can make the most of these amazing eye treatments. Expert and experienced doctors should only choose to do these delicate surgeries. Latest laser machines and expertise is the answer to modern eye treatments. Conditions like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, old age lead to serious vision impairment. The chemotherapy given during cancer treatment has serious effects on vision. Laser treatments lead to a safe surgeries and prompt healing.

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