Phuket residential addiction treatment center for drug, alcohol, gambling and sex addiction

Bhavana beach view


Need treatment for drug and alcohol addiction?

Let our experienced addiction psychiatrists and U.S. Master’s level, licensed addiction therapists help you or your loved one today. Start your recovery with a phone call or email us now, and put your alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling or sex addiction on a path to recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation based on the world’s best treatment therapies.

Our residential rehabilitation program stands alongside the world’s best proven treatment therapies and is affilliated with the Cottonwood Addiction Treatment Center in the United States.


Addiction rehab in a medically supervised, private paradise on Phuket Island, Thailand.


Our two-acre private seaside resort on Phuket’s east coast is the perfect place to start your road to recovery and freedom from addiction. Get back to health by strolling on the beach at sunrise, walking the winding paths through lush tropical gardens of bamboo and palm trees, relaxing at poolside, or gazing across the bay at Phuket’s Big Buddha shrine.

We are owned and operated by international addiction treatment professionals.

We offer programs to help you at all levels of substance abuse and compulsive behaviors.

Residential treatment programs for; alcohol, drug, gambling, sex, internet addiction, and cooccurring disorders.

Treatment includes medical detox for safe alcohol or drug withdrawal. Bhavana is a medical and therapeutic addiction treatment facility, licensed as a hospital by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand. Our team of specialist doctors and nurses help you safely detox from drugs or alcohol on site.

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If you’re creating a new website and also started trying to find a hosting provider for your own personal website, you may be just slightly overwhelmed at all of one’s choices. There are dozens web hosts available. Some can be free; other medication is quite costly. The rest fall in-between. After spending a great deal of money using your website design and inventory, you might be influenced to select one of this very free or very cheap web hosts. This isn’t usually a right action. Instead, try saving money at the grocery store with hosting specials. Please keep in my that to pay less money on creating a new web site.

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You can also find specials on internet websites of specific web hosting providers. This concept works out preferable to the largest and the majority well-known web hosts, as they’re almost certainly going to offer specials. Web hosts often offer long-term discounts. Such can be for as much as 10% or 20% from the regular price whenever you pay for one or six numerous years of hosting.

Try negotiating for your chosen own method of web hosting specials with any company you want to pay less money. Should you find a reliable, trustworthy web host provider having garnered good  reviews  from customers, the probability is high that you may want to get hosting from that provider.  However  if the packages used by that host typically are not for your job,  how about negotiate your personal  package deal?  Several different businesses are really accessible to this;  in fact, it gains them  a happy  customer.

If you are building a new website and have started looking for a hosting provider for your website, you may be a bit overwhelmed at all of the choices.  There are dozens–if not hundreds–of web hosts available.  Some are free; others are quite costly.  The rest fall in-between.  After spending a go …

Share your bactrim experience

View others Bactrim experiences, side effects, stories,
comments and more. If you would like to contribute please click

Average Rating: 1.7

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Rating 3
Date Added 11/19/2011
Gender/Age Female /
Time Taken 10 Days
Side Effects nausea almost all day, headaches, migraine, no appetite, itchy mouth.
Comments never taken this abx before. not sure if these are related

Rating 1
Date Added 10/21/2011
Gender/Age Female /
Time Taken 3 Days
Side Effects Severe pain-lobster red rash-eyes red-Meningytis symptoms-Results: peripheral neuropathy & connective tissue disease
Comments I thought I was going to die. I’m serious. Severe pain. Hospitalized.

Rating 1
Date Added 09/12/2011
Gender/Age Female /
Time Taken 2 Days
Side Effects Palpitations, sweating, hear heartbeat in ears, sever neck ache. Agitation, nervousness, unusual mouth movements.
Comments THE SINGLE WORST drug in the world.

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There comes a time in a
man’s life when rising to the occasion becomes a bit of a challenge.
Usually, this happens when there isn’t enough blood flow to the
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Furthermore, it also helps relax the muscles around the pubic area
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Other than treating ED, this pill could further be used by someone
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It’s highly recommended that when one is using the drug, they should
avoid taking certain beverages or drugs. Taking too much alcohol for
instance may stand in the way of you experiencing the full benefits
of the drug. In the same hand, this pill shouldn’t be used alongside
other drugs used to treat ED.

One should take the pill 30 minutes to 1 hour before having sex.
This is because although the pill works really fast, it takes a
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Taking the drug however is not enough to enhance a sexual
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Although the drug can easily be purchased via the online shops,
people with related problems are advised to first get a prescription
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However, for someone who values their privacy, this is no problem at
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For one to fully experience the full benefits of Avanafil drug, they
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Domain name registration in canada

Understanding How To Register An Internet Domain Name In Canada

Internet Domain Name Registration Defined

Internet domain name registration is a procedure of selecting and registering a unique alpha-numeric name to assign and couple to an Internet Protocol number (IP address) to provide an exclusive Internet identity.

Register A Domain Name

Here in Canada all “.ca” Internet domain name registration extensions are governed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). Presently, domain name registration transactions on a global level are regulated under the control of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) based in California and appointed by the American Department of Commerce. There has been pressure from the international community, the European Economic Union in particular, for the United States to relinquish control to a UN governing body more fairly represented by an assembly of countries however the USA has resisted such requests.

Authorities mentioned above do not provide an Internet domain name registration service. They are responsible for establishing regulations and procedures that must be adhered to by any one of thousands of ICANN approved private registration business enterprises leasing Internet domain names. When shopping for domain names you will often encounter terms such as “buy or sell a domain name” but this is misleading because to buy something implies that you pay a one-time fee and take ownership. This is not the case with processes of Internet domain name registration. There are recurring annual costs that must be paid to private domain registrars to maintain preferential rights to it. Essentially you’re actually leasing a name, not purchasing it. A company may purchase registration rights from someone who already has it registered. Regardless they still do not own it; they will still have to pay annual costs through a domain registrar for continuation of registration rights. If someone fails to maintain registration rights at the of end a term by paying associated annual fees they will lose rights to the name and it will be returned to a pool of available resources that anyone else may then claim. Have a look at what I am talking about at CIRA to be released domains weekly list to see examples that are constantly going back into an available resources pool because individuals or companies forget or choose to not re-register them.

For Registering .ca Domain Name In Canada Ataraxis Recommends:

If you are prepared to register a .ca domain name now then I highly recommend the Domain Name In Canada .ca registration service of NetFirms or the global Internet Domain Name services for .com names.

Ataraxis uses the services of NetFirms as a domain registrar because of their reliability. They have been in business for many years and presently have the lowest most affordable domain name registration service in Canada that I am aware of. is registered through NetFirms.

After you purchase a domain name you will have the ability to login to an account control panel to manage all information related to your domain. A tremendous benefit is that you are not committed to hosting on their servers. You can choose a hosting provider of your choice while maintaining NetFirms as your domain registrar. This is a tremendous benefit if you have to change web hosting providers because your domain will always be at the same place — all you have to do is update DNS and IP information to reflect your new hosting service provider.

If you prefer to search for an alternative Internet domain name company please continue reading the next paragraph and follow the link near the end of it.

Domain Name Registration services in Canada are individuals or companies approved and certified by CIRA for .ca names, to facilitate registration, renewal, transfer, or modification of registration information data. Here is a current list of CIRA registrars. Large web hosting companies are typically also Domain Name Registrars. They often times provide seamless ability to register a domain name as a value added service for their web hosting clients during the process of purchasing their web hosting services. It is common practice for web hosting companies to offer free domain name registration to clients purchasing and prepaying for a minimum one year hosting package. Many other registration companies are established for a sole purpose of selling domain names. A Country specific list of ICANN approved registrars is available at InterNic Registrar List (please be aware of a potential slow page load time).

A good indicator of whether a domain name registrar is reliable or not is if they are gaining or loosing customers. A domain name registrar who is loosing customers is usually an indicator of poor service. A tool to verify this trend is Daily Changes By Name Intelligence. Large percentages of change may be an indicator of a company buyout or merger; not unhappy customers.

Variations In Fees/Costs

If planning to register a domain name in Canada, my advice is to shop around because registration costs vary widely. Cost structures are based on a free enterprise market system. Individual resellers or domain registrars are free to apply whatever price structure they feel is justifiable. Just like most other aspects of open market commerce there are going to be significant variations in pricing. Multi level marketing layers heaped onto a registration process will certainly have an impact on fees. Many sources available for you to register domain names are nothing more than systems of automated resellers acting as “middle people” multi level marketers to existing registrars and tag on their markup percentage making costs unnecessarily high.

Are You The King Of Your Castle?

If there is one aspect about leasing domain names that really need awareness its whose name goes into registration information. If someone is performing registration on your behalf be sure they are supplying your personal information; not their own personal or company information. This may become a problem if for example a designer or developer registers it in their name while hosting it on their servers. What if at some point you become unsatisfied with customer service or support and want to change website hosting provider? Maybe you’ve already entered into an agreement with a new provider but upon trying to transfer it you find out it’s not yours! What happens then?! An ethical company will graciously perform a registration modification and ownership update to allow a transfer to a new website hosting provider but what about unethical encounters? It may become a situation where they have you cornered and say they provided you with free names for as long as you were their customer but if you are leaving them then sorry but it cannot go along with you! A more likely scenario is that they will offer to sell it at a very unreasonable cost of thousands of dollars depending on how popular your website has become in search results for targeted keywords or how dependent you have become on the site traffic to bring in business.

Another tactic that I see in action is individuals or companies who produce cookie cutter sites and then rent them out for monthly fees to keep you on a hook for thousands of dollars a year while they maintain complete ownership. If per chance the site does manage to bring in some business you cannot take the site identity with you if deciding to leave because you are unsatisfied with their service. In the end you may have paid a few thousand dollars a year but have nothing to show for it.

Whois Privacy

Whois privacy is something to be aware of if you would prefer that your personal information does not become public information. By default most whois information is readily available to anyone on sites such as where, perhaps a telemarketer, may input a website name to be presented with all kinds of ownership contact information. There are ways to prevent this information from being publicly accessible. Some providers or registrars may have an option somewhere on a control panel to set it to private. Its best to take care of this immediately afterward as soon as logging into your account. If such an option cannot be found in a control panel contact your registrar and ask them to help you.

Summary Of Best Practices

It is important to ensure that if a process is performed on your behalf that you provide your own personal or company information. Also, make sure to clarify ownership facts as well as terms or conditions attached to free names. Not all fees are equal; it will pay to shop around for less expensive names. I see a few very popular registrars charging as much as fifty dollars a year which is ridiculous. Yet, if they’re as popular as they are then there must be plenty of people who have not done their homework. There are good easy to find sources who will only charge about ten to fifteen dollars a year to register names. Ataraxis Web Design incorporates this process into an overall design and development process and will present you with proof of ownership.



July 9, 2011


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Emotion: the ever-hungry root and its boundless potential

Everything in fiction is, or should be, born from emotion; it’s the core fire of our mystikal earths, the root of the oak that is our creation. But for our creation to grow and thrive and touch the hearts of those we intended to touch, those roots must be fed. So what feeds them? What could give life to such vital thing, but that vital thing itself. Emotion. It must stir in our hearts to stir our souls, and where in writing it must be intuited from life as real as possible, in us it must be found in our dreams, our passions.

It’s the passion in us that sees the beautiful story behind the lives we live and the everyday world we see. Two people can stand witness to the same event, the same image of life, and each leave it differently behind them. The common observer will remember the event as merely an event and will recount as such to his friends, content to be the day’s uncommitted bard. The man with passion in his heart though, will be driven to see more. He’ll see the reverent emotion behind what happened, because of the reverent emotion stirring in him. He’ll see the countless aftermaths of the single happening and the ripple effect rolling through all the lives he’s imagined are involved. The man with passion in his heart will see the reflection of life itself in the moment and will reflect it back to his own life, and later to the world as a whole to find its meaning and place in what he knows of existence. I’m a man with passion in his heart; I know this to be true.

The dreamer’s spark of unending creativity flares up whenever reverent emotion is involved. Our passions draw us to the raw, sentient reactions of others. And this proves the truth: emotion feeds emotion, like friction to a match. And when that fire fuels its flame in our hearts, the beauty follows. Our emotions of that moment, driven by the passion burning inside us, will spill out and into written word and will take the shape of the timeless image we saw when the moment happened. Thus the story, and a lot of times, we had no choice in the matter, none whatsoever.

We are writers. We are artists. We are purveyors of our abstract realism. We are because we have to be. Vice knows no greater obligation. Our fire knows no quench. When something stirs our passion, it grips our hearts, and once it’s chosen the line it wants us to follow, we are helpless but to accept and go (though I could never see wanting to do anything but). When it’s real, emotion cannot be denied. It’s evident in the compulsion that is our craft, and can be proven endlessly in the work that is our art. It moves us as people and as artists, and it moves the world with us. Harnessing that power, honing the technique and channeling it back out again in to the literary conscious, that’s where the fun starts, when one as simple and singular as ourselves can create something that inspires this world of ours and moves us all in a whole new direction.

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How to purchase fire and burglar resistant safes?

Safes are prepared with high quality materials and they will go through various technological processes so that they become robust and burglar-free. If you are running a business, it is very much important that you should possess quality safes so that the documents, cash and expensive items can be preserved. They should withstand fire to greater extent. The fire retarding capability will be enhanced through the selection of highly processed metals. You should go through the product reviews so that the best safe for your needs can be purchased.

How to go for International Safety Management safes?

ISM safes are manufactures as per the international standards. They have the capability to give protection from fire as well as from burglars. Different codes are used to denote the strength or property of the safe. For example, TL30x6 safe stands for tool resistant safe. If the burglar uses various kinds of tools, it is difficult to break the system for at least 30 minutes. X6 stands for sides. The protection offered on the safe denotes that it is safe on all sides.

If you go for TRTL safe, it is tool resistant as well as torch resistant. ISM super treasury safe is a high quality safe which is very robust so that you can make the most of your investment. The interior temperature withstanding capability will be of the order of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For two hours, the safe can withstand fire without any issues. First Security Safe Company produces some of the finest safes. These are ISM safes which will cater to your versatile needs.

Selection of safes

The selection of safes should be done as per the functionality and budget. If you would like to get protection from fire, the fire resistant safes should be purchased. Even though you go for fire resistant safes, you will not be able to store all kinds of items. For example, the electronic gadgets and optical storage devices are very fragile. They cannot withstand high temperatures. Hence, there is great possibility of loss of data. You should not take risk. Unless the manufacturer guarantees for the kind of items that you can preserve in safes, you should not take any risk. The high inventory should be protected by all means so that there will not be financial loss to your company. Hence, you should deploy high quality safes at various locations so that you can make the most of your investment. There will be different kinds of locks fitted to these safes.

If there is burglar’s unsuccessful attempt, relocking can be done with the support of the manufacturer. Hence, you should purchase safes from the company which will also offer great customer and technical support. High quality ISM safes can be considered as a long-term investment which will take care of your needs without fail. You should not commit any mistake in the selection of safe so that the purpose will be served to the full potential extent. You can call the vendor to find out the delivery terms and warranty.

Contact us at:
First Security Safe Company
901 South Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Los Angeles County(LA)
California (CA)
Phone Number:1-800-400-7675
Admin phone :1-800-400-7675
E-mail:[email protected]

Alprazolam abuse

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