What Is An Alternative Cancer Treatment?

Significant reassessment in recent years a of the nature and causes of cancer has taken place. Cancer was formerly believed to be a localized disease, characterized by a lesion, usually in the form of a growth, which appeared at some specific part of the body. This localized lesion was thought to be the result of an activity produced by an invading virus, carcinogenic agent, or some form of trauma.

Today, the conviction among researchers and physicians, which is a growing conviction is that cancer is a complex disease that is the end result of a disturbed metabolism (body chemistry).

It is an insidious disease that involves the entire body. The frequent reoccurrence of a malignancy after treatment with the conventional methods of surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy is because the basic underlying metabolic cause of the cancer is rarely considered and consequently remains uncorrected.

Amygdalin, or laetrile/B17, is a relatively simple compound found in much of our food supply. It is most abundant in the seeds of non-citrus fruits. Most commercially prepared amygdalin is extracted from the seeds of the apricot.

Amygdalin is composed of:

Two molecules of glucose (a sugar), One molecule of hydrocyanic acid (an anti-neoplastic compound),ane One molecule of benzaldehyde (an analgesic).

In metabolic therapy, the amygdalin is broken down into its component parts as a result of the action of the betaglucidase. This enzyme is found in abundance in cancer cells, and is relatively deficient in normal cells.

Consequently, the cyanide is released only where there is an active cancer lesion. This liberation of cyanide under controlled and safe conditions insures that an adequate dosage can be administered without the threat of toxic side effects.

This absence of cyanide toxicity is further insured by the action of the thodanese, another enzyme. This enzyme is present in large quantities in normal cells but in very small amounts in cancer cells.

Detoxification of cyanide occurs, therefore, in normal mammalian tissue through the action of this rhodanese which, in the presence of sulfer-bearing compounds, converts free cyanide to thiocyanate, a perfectly nontoxic compound. The thiocynate is excreted in the urine.

Slow drip infusion. The most efficacious mode of administration is through the slow-drip infusion technique which was developed in Tijuana, Mexico. It became apparent that the breakdown of amygdalin and its subsequent detoxification was very rapid.

If it were to be administered over a longer period of time, this could be overcome. In addition, the amygdalin must pass through many biological membranes in order to reach its site of action. This can be accomplished by combining the amygdalin with Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO-laboratory grade).

Finally, as vitamin C is known to slow the growth of tumors, it is added to allow the amygdalin and the rest of the metabolic therapy more time to work.

The amygdalin should be added just prior to injection to insure maximum potency. This complete infusion is administered intravenously over a 2 to 3 hour period.

More rapid administration can result in a localized burning sensation due to the large amounts of vitamin C. This infusion is administered daily over the first 21 days of metabolic therapy.

In some instances where the slow drip infusion is not practical, intravenous administration of amygdalin can be used. This method provides the same high concentration in the blood as the slow drip infusion. Three vials (3 grams each) are administered daily in a slow intravenous push, usually in the brachial vein just proximate to the elbow. Preferably this administration should be between meals. The intravenous administration should be daily for 21 days.

Oral Ingestion is the most convenient and most frequently used method of amygdalin administration. The patients leaving the clinic are placed on oral amygdalin. Also, because of the difficulty for some patients in going to the physician’s daily, many doctors prefer this method.

Normally for treamtment the tablet size is 500 milligrams (mg). Two of these tablets should be given 3 times a day. If patients have difficulty swallowing, the tablets may be broken up and added to soft food. The patient should take 1 tablet six times a day.

The preventive tablet size is 100mg. One or two tablets should be taken daily. This data is provided for informational purposes only by Cyto Pharma of Mexico. This company has been in the market since 1971 and are well known worldwide. They are the leader in the field of the amygdalin process and their research staff is constantly working to upgrade their products.

This is one way of an alternative cancer treatment protocol that is used by a number of naturopaths.

Secularism and the Abolition of the Future

The future has been abolished! Does that statement seem outlandish? Let me explain.

Secularism, whether it’s called Secular Humanism or atheism, is the belief that there is no God and no accountability to God in the afterlife. To the secularist death results in the ending of consciousness.

Secularists believe that humans evolved from pond scum and end up rotting in the grave. Hence there is no future for the individual human being.

Secularists also claim that there is no future for humanity as a whole since all life will cease at the time of the heat death of the universe. All that you have learned and experienced through relationships, work, play, education, love, pain and pleasure evaporates at death. This is the secular abolition of the future.

This view is not isolated to avant garde ivory tower types but permeates our society. The abolition of the future has resulted in the philosophical pessimism and purposelessness of our youth and it drives the drug culture.

Why do I dwell on secularism? Secularism is the de facto state religion of the United States and virtually all of the Western World. (I include nominal Christians under the term “secularist” because nominal Christians generally live a secularist lifestyle.)

Christianity has been kicked out of the state run schools in the US by misapplication of the constitutionally dubious doctrine of separation of church and state. Education is by far the largest public forum and if Christianity is kicked out of public education then it is in essence marginalized.

Christians are forced to pay taxes to support schools that indoctrinate children in the secular origins myth called evolution. Every subject in the state run schools is taught from a perspective of philosophical atheism.

My niece was assigned the book “The Da Vinci Code” as a reading assignment by her school! “The Da Vinci Code” is a blasphemous book that gives a scandalously distorted view of church history and denies the deity of Christ. I could give other examples of public school assignments that actively undermine the Christian faith.

The secularist cult has taken over public education. Secular education is not neutral as often claimed but is aggressively evil. Secularism denies the existence of God as transcendent lawgiver.

If there is no transcendent lawgiver there is no law above man’s law hence all things are permissible. World famous secular philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970) said “If there is no God, there is no right or wrong or absolute morality only opinions as to right and wrong.”

Secularism is the negation of law, morals, ethics and values. Secularism is amoral and purposeless. It is anarchy.

The postmodern concept of the self has replaced God as lawgiver. Self with its relativistic and shifting opinions of right and wrong is the only lawgiver. Society is the collision of selves with no guiding philosophy or religion to unite the whole.

Young people who’ve been robbed of their Christian faith and hence robbed of their hope for a future beyond death live only for this life and its passing pleasures. There are currently 39 sexually transmitted diseases extant in the United States but this fact gets little publicity.

Many of these, like herpes, are incurable viruses. The HPV virus causes cervical cancer — it is sexually transmitted cancer.

We all know of the devastating death toll of AIDS. Out of wedlock births and paternal child abandonment are rampant. Legalized abortion has resulted in the mass murder of millions of the preborn.

Secularists believe in assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Christians believe that all human life is sacred and even the very elderly have futures that stretch to eternity. All human life has a future and has meaning in relation to God.

Secularism is a religion. It takes great faith to believe that life came about by chance as the secularists claim. Secular Humanism is recognized as a religion by the US government.

Secularism is a religion without a moral code. Radical secularism has all the coerciveness of any fundamentalist faith but without any inherent moral restraint.

There is only one true religion. The laws of logic, specifically the law of noncontradiction, determine that there can only be one true religion. This is because all of the world’s religions contradict each other and no two contradictory statements can both be true.

If Hinduism is true then Christianity is false and vice versa. God has given authentication to the one true religion by miracles. The one true religion is the one religion authenticated by the best miracles and most miraculous events.

To be blunt, the religion with the best miracles wins. Christianity is the one true religion because Jesus Christ came in fulfillment of over 300 predictive prophecies and worked miracles never done by anyone else since the foundation of the earth!

No other religion or philosophy has anything to compare with the supernatural authentication of the Christian faith. Christianity gives us hope and a future. Secularism has implicitly taught young people that they descended from apes and that consciousness ends at death. The only way to counter the secularist lie is to teach the truths of the Bible and show how the Bible is authenticated by prophecies and miracles.

Book your Doctor Appointment in Online

The patients have to take the prior appointment to consult the doctor if he is known or contact details are available. This traditional method as overcome by internet availability. Currently one can book his slot in online at particular time. This just requires the login details these can be created once and used all the time.

The usage of online has become very predominant and in order to give convenient and flexibility they provide ability to block the time in online. This is really good thought to make different specialist accessible and confirm appointment with required Doctor.

Specialized doctors available are:
* Cardiologist: One who gives treatment to the heart and blood vessels. They perform surgeries and keeps away from risk. This is one of the emergency conditions where patients have to be treated immediately.
* Oncologist: One who cures the cancer. It does not occur at a single place it might affect various places and continuous treatment is required based on specific cancer agents. Here well experienced specialist is needed.
* Dentist: Attending dental challenges is really a great thing because everyone comes across this problem in lifetime like wisdom teeth, alignment, shaping and many.
* Dermatologist: Deals with skin care problems. Allergies, scabies, rashes and many can be prevented here.
* Gastroenterologist: Verification of abnormalities in liver, stomach, digestive tract, colon, rectum, pancreas, gall bladder, bile duct, esophageous and abnormalities and helps them to stay healthy.
* Neurologist: These specializations treat very sensitive parts of body like brain and spinal cord.
* Nephrologists: kidney issues can be cured by nephrologists
* General physician: They provide non surgical care to the patients. They treat the patients from the entire problem and provide service till it is cured. Hospitalized are taken care by them.
* Pulmonologist: The lung problems have become severe so they lead to other damage of organs as it purifies the air to all the body if it fails other parts exposure to impurities.
* Opthmalogist: Issues with eyes are solved by this doctor.

These are very few specializations, in day to day life we come across many other doctors like podiatrist, psychiatrist, rheumatologist, urologist, ENT, gynecologist, diabetologist and many others to cure from suffering.

Currently doctors are became very busy with challenging cases one can consult the doctor with appointment. Meeting without preplanning makes to be hospital in long hours in some cases may not the consultation on that day. To avoid all that, just book your slot in online from home or work space. As that time is fixed for particular patient you can go to the doctor at that time sharply and clear all the problems. This saves the time.

Colon Cancer – Useful Things to Know

Colon cancer is a dangerous and aggressive form of cancer that can cause the person who has it to die if it is not treated in time. This is why it is very important to find out right away if you are suffering from colon cancer, yet it seems as if there are a lot of people out there who only figure out this information when it is too late. There are a few different tests that can be taken to immediately determine if one has colon cancer, and you can be sure that it would be in your best interests to take a colon cancer test every now and then. After all, doing so could actually end up saving your life.

If you have never gotten an endoscopy before then there is a fairly good chance that you will be a little nervous about the situation. However, you should know that there is nothing to worry about because while the procedure might be a bit uncomfortable for you, it is painless and will be over within a very short amount of time. Furthermore, the doctor who is going to be performing the test on your in the first place will be very professional about the whole situation and will help to put you at ease. Try not to get to nervous about having an endoscopy and definitely don’t let that nervousness keep you from having the test taken. It can be very important to get this kind of test done.

Finding out whether or not you have colon cancer might not be high on your priority list, but it is almost certainly something that you should look into. The first thing you will need to do if you have made the decision to take an endoscopy is to find a good clinic in your area where such tests are being offered. It should be relatively easy for you to find an endoscopy clinic, but before you choose any one in particular you may want to spend a bit of time doing research. It is always best to learn a bit more about the clinic before you choose to go there. Besides, you will really want to make sure that you get the very best service possible.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you schedule an appointment for your endoscopy, you will need to make sure that you follow the instructions of your doctor to the letter. Before you take the test you will not be able to eat the day before, and there may be other changes in your diet before that moment that you will need to make. Just do your best to follow what your doctor tells you an this ill help to ensure that the tests ends up according to plan. If you spend some time learning a bit more about the endoscopy and how it is done online, it will be a lot easier for you to gather up the courage to go visit a clinic in your area.

Anti-Cancer Diet Plan – Essential Details You Need to be Aware of

Smoking and a diet largely based on animal foods are the top two health risks for cancer, says a Harvard Report on Cancer Prevention. In fact, diet even plays a bigger role for acquiring cancer than a family history of it. As such, making the necessary changes in our diet greatly lowers our cancer risk.

For starters, a diet rich in total fat and saturated fats makes one prone to the Big C inasmuch as tumor cells need low density lipoproteins (LDL’s) to grow. Moreover, eating produces bile needed to digest fat. Too much bile in the large intestine gets converted to apcholic acid which is a carcinogen. Where fats are concerned, you must limit your daily fat intake to no more than 20 percent of your total food calories.

The right kinds of fat to eat are unsaturated fats, found in plant foods, such as legumes and vegetable oils that are high in monounsaturated fats. Another good source of good fats are seafood like salmon and tuna, since these are high in omega 3 fatty acids. Oils that contain more omega 3 fatty acids, such as flaxseed, pumpkin seed, canola, soybean (not hydrogenated), walnut, safflower, sunflower, sesame, and virgin olive oils are also good fat choices that even have anti cancer properties.

Next, a diet that is rich in fiber also prevents cancer. By moving potential carcinogens through the intestines faster and binding them, fiber decreases the contact time between these cancer-causing agents and the intestinal wall, decreasing one’s chances of getting the Big C. Fiber is also essential in the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. Good sources of fiber are whole wheat, whole grains, legumes, whole grain bread, and prunes. Beans like kidney beans and garbanzos are also good sources of fiber.

It’s common knowledge that fruits and vegetables greatly reduce one’s cancer risk. They contain phytochemicals, Vitamin C and E that help the body fight this disease. While all veggies are cancer-fighters, those in the front line include broccolis, cabbages, brussel sprouts, mustard greens, kales, and cauliflowers. Beta carotene found in carrots, pink grapefruit, sweet potatos, and squash significantly lowers your cancer risk as well. Flaxseeds are also important since they contain omega-3 fatty acids and lignans. Tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries are high in flavenoids that protect against lung, cervical and other cancers.

Red meat greatly increases your cancer risk. Processed meats which are full of preservatives are even worse. Instead of steak, it’s best to go for seafood that is high in omega-3 fatty acids and other cancer-fighting properties. More importantly, switching to a plant-based diet from your usual animal-based fare greatly reduces your risk of acquiring cancer. Not only do plants have more phytochemicals that fight against cancer, they also have more fiber and contain less fat. Thus, to meet your protein needs, soy and soy-based products are your best bets instead of your pork or beef. Soy also has isoflavones that inhibit tumor growth. Where drinks are concerned, green tea has catechins that help fight against cancer.

With exercise, stress management and an anti-cancer diet, it is possible to keep ourselves cancer-free for life.

3 Popular Treatments for Menopause That You Can Consider

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when the function of the ovaries ceases. Many painful and irritating symptoms will happened, specially to some those who get older. Experiencing the menopause is a great chance to take the bull by the horns.

Some women may experience few or no symptoms of menopause, while others experience multiple physical and psychological symptoms. These menopause symptoms are night sweats, hot flashes, irregular vaginal bleeding and more. If you have those symptoms, the following menopause treatment can help you manage this transition more comfortably.

Phytoestrogens Menopause Treatment

Phytoestrogens are natural substances that found in some herbs and other plants which may help to regulate plant growth. Some compounds can bind to the human body’s estrogen receptors and may act like an estrogen or an anti-estrogen on the body, depending upon their particular type and dosage. Since they have a similar genetic make up to the naturally occurring female hormone estrogen, they often used as a treatment for menopause.

Phytoestrogens allow them to mildly mimic and sometimes act as antagonists to estrogen. As their oestrogen-like effects, there is a theoretical risk of womb cancer when increasing your intake of phytoestrogens. This menopause treatment may be beneficial for healthy women, however women with known breast cancer should be aware of potential risks and consider avoiding consumption until more information is available.

Herbal Medicines for Menopause Treatment

Nowadays, herbal medicines are also one of the extremely popular menopause treatment. Herbal treatments are commonly prescribed by naturopaths and herbal specialists as a treatment for the symptoms associated with menopause, whilst not necessarily attacking the causes of menopause itself. Herbs for menopause are usually those that affect the entire reproductive system and other organs in their function of producing.

Herbs that stand out as being particularly popular in over-the-counter preparations include St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) and black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa). Beside these herbs, there are many other herbs which have a unique action on the female hormone system. Be particularly cautious with herbs if you are under a doctor’s care for other health problems or are using any prescription drugs.

Progesterone Menopause Treatment

Progesterone is primarily used to promote fertility in women with low blood Progesterone levels. For some cases, breast tenderness and water retention may happen when taking this type of menopause treatment. Mood swings also might aggravated by some forms of progestin.

There are Progesterone in the form of capsules, injections or vaginal suppositories. Natural progesterone in pill or tablet form has not proved effective as it is almost completely broken down by the digestive process before it has been able to enter the blood stream. However, the beneficial skin moisturizing effects of transdermal progesterone are often much appreciated by the women using it.

As conclusion, it is difficult for those looking for a genuine solution for menopause problem to hit the right treatment. Every menopause treatment has its own benefit and side effect. A cautious approach of using the lowest doses for only the time necessary to treat your menopause symptoms seems to be the best approach.

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For instance, those who tend to feel constantly fatigued or generally suffer from a serious lack of energy can trust the members of the above-mentioned company to undertake fatigue assessments. You ought to bear in mind that lack of energy represents a common health complaint, being one of the hardest possible terms to define.

Also, it is essential to keep in mind that many people show symptoms, 20% of them stating that they have an intense level of fatigue which dangerously interferes with their normal life and even with their relationship with other people. However, you do not have to fret! Why? The answer is due to the fact that the staff members of Trusted Labs can provide a variety of different tests that are associated with fatigue conditions.

For instance, you could try the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test. This measures the amount of thyroxine, or T4, in your blood (T4 being one of two major hormones produced by the thyroid gland) and assesses whether or not you suffer from lack of energy or fatigue. Such an ingenious test is recommended for anyone who has a family member with thyroid disease,has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, is a woman in or near menopause, has recently given birth, has other pituitary or endocrine disease, is experiencing symptoms of thyroid disease. For more information related to how much is a dna test or how accurate is such a fatigue, immunity or paternity test, feel free to go online, to Trustedlabs.co.uk!


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Other Events


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at sailing an Ocean Racing Yacht. From a day out to a 3 week race across
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With a professional crew to assist you, this is a great experience for
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Most people have heard of
this activity and many have tried it, but the exhilaration of tracking
down the opposition and being able to see the targets you have hit, brings
an endless amount of satisfaction. Skills of cunning and accurate shooting
are key and no matter how many times you may have done it before, each
new day is great fun. Of course the more times you do it the better you
get, or supposed to get!!

Human Table Football.

Remember spinning
the bars, wildly kicking the ball around and bouncing off everybody, before
trickling into the goal with the goalkeeper helpless? Now imagine that FULL
SIZE and the only option is a great laugh for everyone, including those watching,
with a competative edge built in.
This game is fast and furious.
The action hilarious and with some constructive refereeing this is an activity
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This picture gives you an
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Create a Video
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Either as its own
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Participants must be able
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so that the process is made simple and efficient. Members need to recognise
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At the end of the
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Everyone knows how
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